Sparks of Genius

Sparks of Genius
The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People
By. Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein

“The patience to look and look again is therefore a trait that characterizes great artists.”


I grew up in a creative family and I am thankful for my mother always pushing me to think differently and thankful that my father took me to art museums instead of amusement parks. When I wasn’t at soccer practice or at school I would be at the library reading or drawing in my mom’s studio while she painted. My high school didn’t have an art program, but growing up in a creative environment where my parents really encouraged not only art, but music and literature, definitely helped me to develop my own interests and my own views on the world.

I found it extremely interesting in the article how the authors mentioned that observing is not just seeing with our eyes, but also that we are using the rest of our senses to observe an object or a moment in time, whether we realize it or not. I loved the question asked “how many times have you gotten into the bathtub without really seeing that the water level rises?”. I can’t think of one time that I had ever actually thought about that. I can admit that over the last few years I have not been observing or even appreciating the simple day to day experiences I have. My days are filled with 20 credits, two internships, a never ending to do list and the constant struggle to fit in 30 minutes at the gym. I hardly sleep and there is more coffee running through my veins than there is blood. I don’t take the time to truly savor the little things in my life.  I 100% agree that the greatest insights come to the individuals who are able to appreciate the “sublimity of the mundane,” the deeply surprising and meaningful beauty in everyday things and If I slowed down and really looked at everything around me, I think I would make better work.

As photographers, we are constantly trying to capture as much emotion and atmosphere in one photograph that we can, so our viewer can experience and feel the same way that we (and/or my subject) were feeling in that exact moment. I hope it is those fleeting moments and feelings that I am able to express in my photographs, not just the lines, contours, or colors of each object or person I interact with, but an experience as a whole.


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