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POND Magazine

The summer after my freshman year of college I landed an internship at the fashion and culture publication, Interview Magazine, a magazine that Andy Warhol started in the late 60’s. (I wrote a little bit about my experience here!) I was assisting on set at photo shoots, where I got to work directly with Creative Director Karl Templer and two of my favorite fashion photographers, Craig McDean and Gregory Harris. I was fully immersed in an industry that I knew I wanted to work in since I was 14, I was living my dream. As the summer went on, I started looking for an outlet outside of my internship. Outside of the 9 am to 9 pm, 7 day, Devil Wears Prada week I had, I still needed something to use as an escape. I got together with a couple of friends and told them I wanted to make a zine, a small print publication of some photos, drawings, art, etc. that we each would make in our free time. Just something for fun, a distraction from our priorities, maybe something to add to our portfolios in the long run. We would pass it out at flea markets, give it to our professors, publish it on our Tumblrs~!  

That’s how POND started. Over the last year and a half it has totally switched directions and transformed into something that I never could have imagined. It’s professional, It’s a business, It’s something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. We are now strictly online, a web-based youth culture publication focused on the music, fashion, and art that surrounds today’s generation. I no longer create work for the publication myself, but instead curate the 25+ submissions that pile up in our email each day. I create mood boards, hire photographers, commission make up artists and stylists, interview musicians, and lead a staff of 40+ contributors. Each month we have a different theme that the content is intended to be focused around. Each contributor interprets the theme in their own way and that’s how we generate very unique and interesting content each month.

Aside from photography, we also publish fashion editorials (like the one featured in the header above!^), weekly playlists, interviews with inspiring “20-somethings”, mood boards and so so so much more. We are always looking for new contributors and I am always down for a cup of coffee, so If you would be interested in joining our team, send me a message and I would love to chat about how you could get involved! Below is a group of photos from a few of our photography contributors that I thought you would all enjoy. xx

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Christoph Schaller 3
Photo x
Christoph Schaller 


Photo x Wiissa  


Photo x Neil Aline


Photo x Natalie Yang


Photo x Samera Paz


Photo x Daniels Mekss  


Photo x Olivia Bee



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