Behind the Photographs

My advisor at The Daily Collegian shared this really interesting article on Facebook this morning and I thought it was something the rest of my Photo 405 class would appreciate! It seems that hardly ever do we really know the photographer behind a lot of history’s most famous photographs. Sure, sometimes we may know the name, but how often do we have a face to match that name, or a story to match the face? US photographer Tim Mantoani, however, aims to fix all that with his series “Behind Photographs”.

In 2006, Mantoani rented a 20×24 Polaroid camera (itself an extraordinary rarity) to shoot portraits of Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris. Since then, he has photographed more than 150 other photographers and the photos that made them famous. Their photos have been viewed by millions, and some are considered the defining representations of the historic events or people that they’ve captured. He has since turned the series into a book that you can purchase on Amazon.

View the whole article here!

Henry Benson // 1964


Herman Leonard // 1948


Neil Leifer // 1965


Lyle Owerko // 2001famous-photographers-portrai-incomic-photographs-tim-mantoani-125


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