I Never Needed You

Photography 405 Creative Projects Assignment 5: Ambiguity and Clarity

I didn’t go into this project intending to come out with a series! I’m normally someone who struggles with completing photo series, so I was pretty happy to have four images that related to each other for the final product. I think what makes my photographs for this assignment interesting is that not only is it unclear who the subjects are but it is also unclear where they are, who’s bed they are in, what they are thinking, and what relationship each of them individually has with the photographer or even what each of the three men share with each other. I wanted the photographs to be clear and representational, I didn’t want the audience to struggle with understanding what it was they were looking at. What I wanted to be “ambiguous” was not only that specific moment, but the moments before/after/and the history the subject shares with who they are staring at behind the lens. I really enjoy the idea of having my audience interacting and developing their own stories when viewing my photographs and I think this set of four allows for a lot of creativity.



Ambiguity_Sam in Bed Ambiguity_Evan


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