Final Project Inspiration // Proposal

[[ Just notes/thoughts!! This is a draft post!! Will explain & edit this post later! ]]

Inspiration for Final Project: Teen Bedrooms in movies

Outsiders are granted access into an individuals most private sanction
The pastel, poster covered walls of a teenager’s bedroom is the most concentrated injection of personal identity.

-photo collages around mirrors
-band posters and record players

Teenager’s rooms have always existed as a parallel universe to the domestic family home – the only place you have complete control, a kind of purgatory where you exist until you escape.

Ideas for final project:
-do i explore the college bedroom – sharing a room with a roommate, exaggerate the typical college decorations OR
-continue “I Never Needed You” series
-photograph at least 20 different people in their bed OR
-photograph at least 20 different people in my bed


Student Confidential (1987)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)


Riding in Cars with Boys (Penny Marshall, 2001)

tumblr_nijv2c7Lim1r0fzoyo2_540 tumblr_nijv2c7Lim1r0fzoyo1_540

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)


Freaky Friday (2003)






Almost Famous


American Pie


Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


Pretty in Pink


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