Photography 405 Creative Projects Assignment 8: Portraits
Masonic Village – Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Since I was 7 years old my grandmother and I would write letters to each other every week. She typed on greeting cards with a typewriter and I scribbled on notebook paper with crayons and Sharpies. I give my Grandmother the majority of credit for why I still to this day love to read and write. My grandmother is now not able to hold a letter still enough in her hands so she can read it. She is not able to type on a typewriter because she doesn’t have the strength to push the keys. She is 94 years old and suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. On Easter Sunday (exactly one week ago today) my parents and I went to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother at an assisted living home. Photography is not allowed but I took two cameras in with me that Sunday with the intent of photographing portraits for an assignment for my Photography 405 class.

Today, I got a call from my parents telling me that over the course of one week her disease has taken over the majority of her body. She can no longer swallow and doctor’s don’t expect her to live much longer than another week.

Below is a gallery of some images I took that day.


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