Photo 402: Narrative Photography // Professor Steven Rubin
Assignment 1: Stranger


Not sure if what I did for this project was considered cheating or not…

We were told to find someone who was very different from ourselves. Which by accident I instead found someone who was pretty similar to myself. When assigned this project I struggled for a while to think of where I was going to go to find a stranger. I live in a house with 6 other girls and Thursday night we were all sitting in our living room and one of my roommates was complaining about a boy she met on Tinder, the popular social media dating app. That was when I had found the perfect inspiration for this project. I quickly downloaded a very similar but newer app called Bumble. It’s the same idea, however once you match with someone only the girl can send the first message. I matched with a boy named Jax within the hour. We started chatting and I kept thinking to myself “Wow I really hate this kid. He’ll be perfect for this project.” Friday evening my roommates and I were getting ready to go out for the night and I decided to message him that we’d be at the Gaff, a bar downtown. Not sure if he would show up, I threw my camera in my purse just in case I ran into someone else that seemed interesting enough for this project. At midnight a long haired boy with blood shot eyes tapped on my shoulder. I took a few hundred photos that night and below are my selects. After the Gaff he ended up coming back to my house with my roommates and I and we all sat on my roof until 5 am. Turns out he’s an art major too..

Stranger_Jax_1 Stranger_Jax_2 Stranger_Jax_3 Stranger_Jax_4 Stranger_Jax_5


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