Where I Don’t Belong // Part 2

Assignment 2: Where I Don’t Belong // The Color Run
Photo 402 / Steven Rubin

This past weekend The Color Run came to Penn State for the 3rd year in a row and I couldn’t even count on my two hands why I didn’t belong there. 1. I woke up at 7 am on Labor Day, not only was it a day I had off of classes but it was also a MONDAY. I wanted to get there before the race started and photograph so I would have a beginning to end narrative. I was also dressed in all black, like always, and stood out in the sea of white t-shirts. Growing up I played soccer year round and my position, center mid, on average ran about 7-8 miles in one game. I never loved running but I never hated it, but I did hate running a designated path with other people and I definitely don’t like running for fun. For me running is something I like to do to clear my head, when I’m stressed out it calms me down. I go running at least three times a week at night after all of my classes and meetings when my neighborhood is quiet. But at The Color Run you have thousands of people of all ages running and diving through colored powder. Overall, it did end up being a fun day, but it wasn’t necessarily my choice of activity for a Monday morning.








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