Teenage Stuff

Photo 405 // Professor Steven Rubin
Assignment 5 | The Photo Story

For this assignment I went back to the town I went to high school in, Muncy, Pennsylvania – a place for me that was once home but no longer feels that way because of the little time that I do spend there now. Growing up in Muncy was strange and it’s difficult to explain to those who didn’t. It’s a small town, a bubble where nothing bad ever happens, but nothing ever happens in general. Beautiful landscapes, architecturally historic, and a safe place to raise a family, but when you’re a teenager it’s a place that is very hard to appreciate. Everyone is always longing for somewhere more exciting and looking forward to the day they can graduate and leave forever, however there’s something about the town that keeps everyone there. No one ever leaves. My family is a transplant, we moved to Muncy when my brothers were entering high school, so even though I spent the majority of my adolescence in the same school district, with the same friends, on the same sports teams, my family still remained outsiders. We didn’t have four generations of family that lived on our land before us.

I met up with my best friend from high school, Kayla, and her younger siblings Bryce and Kyra. Kyra is just beginning her senior of high school and is just starting to really think about her life after graduation. For the short period of time I was with the three of them not much happened, but I think the photos give off a mix of emotion that is representational of what Kyra is going through. I spent a lot of time in my head when I was her age and I think that’s also a reason I was so shy.  When you’re in an environment where everyone knows everything about you, or thinks they know everything about you, a lot of the time their perceptions sometimes begin to define you. The only way for me to even understand anything about myself was to keep myself to myself (if that even makes sense). There was a lot of confusion and frustration with myself and the people around me.


Muncy Jr/Sr High School – Muncy, Pennsylvania


Kyra Heckman (18), Bryce Heckman (20), Kayla Heckman (21)


Milkshakes and cat eyes / Lipstick and french fries / Internalize so much but so little / Dont make us feel belittled / world / Teenage girl doo doo doo DOO DOO


“And also you should know that pretty much no matter what you do someone somewhere will probably say “fuck you” or like “fuck that guy” or whatever so you probably shouldn’t be so sensitive.”



Everyone keeps getting in my head. I don’t know what to do. I never know what to do.




I know Kayla doesn’t like being away for school, but her and I aren’t the same anymore.


If I don’t leave now I know I never will but if I leave I may never come back.


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