Multimedia Project: 1st Video Draft

Photographic Narratives: Photo 402
Multimedia Project // Natalie Leonard, Marjorie Provost, Qi Weng

Topic: We chose to do our multimedia project about Penn State’s School of Visual Arts. We wanted to explore the art school and expose the hard work and creativity of the student’s that goes unrecognized at this large university.

After the video editing process, there were a few things we felt were still missing that we would like to include in our final video:

  1. Student’s working on the wheel + sound in the ceramics studio
  2. Dark room + sound
  3. Photography department!
  4. Photo studio (soft boxes and studio setting)
    1. Negatives / light table
  5. More video of students working in their studios
  6. Film during a critique
  7. Sculpture studios (film new MFA work)
  8. Student interview with painting BFAs – Cale Coduti and Jackie Lawlor
  9. Fix text size and font
  10. Include names and majors of the students we interviewed

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