Just Kids

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Today a really good friend of mine asked me why I take photographs. He also asked me if I was scared of growing up. I asked him if it was really that obvious.

My photographs are an extension of myself. They are a product of me working through unanswered questions, narratives, insecurities and fantasies. My work is a dialogue between me and a person negotiating our relationship. It’s a piece of a larger puzzle. A documented moment that even evolves long after I put my camera down.

I am constantly surrounded by friends and I often find myself feeling like I am outside of the group because I spend a lot of time observing and watching, not necessarily doing. Photography is my way of doing — my way of participating. The camera allows me to invite an audience into my attachments and into my relationships and my love and my stories. It has taught me how to communicate the feelings that I am unable to put into words.

My current work is messy, curious, and confused. A photographic investigation of identity and intimacy among the people I have met since coming to college. They are snapshots that make up a diary of moments, emotions and people that I am afraid I will someday forget.


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